What is Google Plus

What is Google Plus ?

Google+ Plus is the new project from Google. It takes you to a different approach of social sharing. Google Plus provides the service to its Google users to connect and interact with people, friends and families. Google plus helps the Google to increase the level of social networking. With the help of Google Plus users will get the privacy, which is not provided by any other social networking website.

Social network sites is the only place where Google is lacking. In past Google had launched its social services like Orkut, Buzz, Wave, but none of them gave good competition. So Google decided to create a best social networking site better than facebook and twitter.

With the help of Google Plus google will conquer the social networking market once again in future. Google bets that it’s approach to privacy and extensive controls for sharing information on the network, will set Google Plus apart from others. With the features Google Plus have, we can expect Google Plus to give a tough competition to Facebook and Twitter.


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