Sony PlayStation Vita (PSVita)


Sony PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Sony PlayStation Vita (PSVITS) has announced by Sony Computer Entertainment. PSVITA is the NEXT Generation Portable Device. PSVITA is sensor motion and touch based next generation gaming device. PSVITA have 5 inch multiple touch display and multiple touch pad on the back of the device.  You will get new gaming experience by using the front and rear multiple touch all new Sony PS VITA gaming device. Sony PS VITA is fully user interacting device you will get new experience like motion, touch, grab, push and pull by using your fingers which is known as finger motions. You will also get 2 analog sticks  by using these sticks you can move up, down, left, right also. To know more click here SONY PSVITA TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS  and   Sony PlayStation Vita Price in India .  


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