Youtube is Not Working in Mozilla Firefox

Youtube is not working in Mozilla Firefox

YouTube is one of the main sources of information and entertainment nowadays.  It is certainly no less than google. Therefore, if you are having trouble in enjoying the latest YouTube content on your Mozilla Firefox or Youtube is not working in Mozilla Firefox then read further on to uncomplicated your Youtubing history.

If you are having trouble in watching videos on your Mozilla Firefox and the videos show nothing but a mirror image of your face in your unwatched present then heed the following:

Try switching to default theme to check if one of the add-ons is causing the error by going on to TOOLS and then ADD-ONS and finally to THEMES and start Firefox in troubleshoot Firefox.

  • Do not change anything on the safe mode start window.
  • In order to solve the most basic Firefox problems, troubleshoot themes, hardware and extensions.
  • One can also troubleshoot the following in order to get rid of the basic Firefox problem; these are plug-ins like Java or Flash

And if the above suggestion works then try your luck further by enabling each of the add-ons one by one in order to figure the real cause of the problem. This you can do by following the following steps:

  • While re-solving Mozilla Firefox first of all use the option “Disable all add-ons” in the Firefox Safe Mode start pop-up window to disable all plugins or extension from the browser.
  • Now restart mozilla firefox browser after making changes. Click on File (Top Left Menu option) > Now click on “Exit” option OR For Mac OS users: “Firefox > Quit” OR Linux OS users: “File > Quit”

And for a temporary fix, heed the following:

  1. Very first of all remove all cookies by opening firefox options “tools” then click on “options” then click on “privacy”.

Further, select from the drop down list box and opt the custom settings for “history” now select the option of “show cookies”, then remove “youtube cookies” from the box. Now make the necessary changes from the option to accept further cookies from ”websites” and click on “Exceptions” and add the following URL “”, at last click ok button at the bottom of the window. Firefox will no longer accept cookies from Youtube.

This is a temporary until the bug is fixed. But you won’t be able to sign in once you block the cookies. Also disabling hardware acceleration might slow down the entire machine.

Happy Youtubing!

In you know any steps, please share with us we will add in the article.