Youtube is Not Working in Internet Explorer

Youtube is Not Working in Internet Explorer

When your YouTube videos throw tantrums while playing on your Internet explorer or give you the complete silent treatment, troubleshoot the youtube video is not working in Internet Explorer by following these steps. Put to test the behavior of the playback after each step.

  1. The simplest thing one can do to combat this problem is update the Internet explorer

Try and use only the latest version of Internet Explorer for your computers, and then apply any provided updates that are available via Windows Update.

  1. Apprehend the compatible view

Some websites are sometimes designed for older versions of Internet Explorer.  If that is the case then one should switch to Compatibility View, and then see whether the player works or not.

  1. Always check if the add-ons are correctly enabled or not!

Make sure that the necessary add-ons are enabled in Internet Explorer. To do this, follow the given directions to do the same:

  1. Go to the “TOOLS”menu in Internet Explorer and click “Internet Options.”
  2. Now click the “PROGRAMS” TAB, and then click “manage add-ons.”
  3. Go to the “currently loaded add-onslist” and select “run without permissions”.
  4. Keep a look- out for the following add-ons in the list that’s popped on the screen. If the given add-ons are listed then make sure the “status”for each is listed as “enabled”.
    • Shockwave Active X Control
    • Shockwave Flash Object
    • Java Plug-in (may be multiple add-ons)
    • QuickTime Plug-in (may be multiple add-ons)
    • Windows Media Player
  1. Make sure all your add-ons are up-to-date.

Update your Internet Explorer’s Plugins or Extensions or add-ons. Along with that please check for the updated version of Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Oracle Java. You may need to uninstall and install the add-ons in order to make sure that they run perfectly on your computer. These are the ones that one must always keep a check on for their latest versions;

  • Latest Flash download
  • Latest Silverlight download
  • Latest Java download
  1. If you are using ActiveX Filtering or Tracking Protection, some games or videos may not properly work. Therefore, one must turn off ActiveX filtering and Tracking Protection
  • Turn off ActiveX filtering
  • Turn off Tracking Protection

By correcting the problems in your add-ons, you can resolve most video playback problems in Internet Explorer.

 For advanced troubleshooting steps

  • Test an online video by using Internet Explorer Software rendering mode.

Hardware acceleration is also required in some cases in Internet Explorer 9 and upgraded versions. This helps Internet Explorer to move video graphics, sound and text visual graphics rendering from the Control Processing Unit(CPU) to the graphics processing unit (GPU) which send data to your display screen. Sometimes it is required to certain websites too enable or disable hardware acceleration plus you will need to enable or disable compatibility view. Hardware acceleration was introduced in Internet Explorer 9 to increase speed and performance but unfortunately for many users it has led to blurred texts and sudden crashes of various sites. Ergo, in order to disable the same, do the following:

  • Open Internet Explorer and click on“tools” icon and select Internet Options“.
  • Now go to “Advanced” tab and enable “Use software rendering instead of GPU renderingoption and now click on Apply button and restart the browser.

Note: You might also log on to the computer manufacturer’s website to check for any updated drivers for your hardware devices like graphic card or chipset.

Using other media applications to play videos

If you’re using other media playing applications with Internet Explorer to play online videos, you may have to go to that manufacturer’s website and make sure that you have the latest version of that application and any necessary add-ons that are required for Internet Explorer 9.

  1. Information courtesy: Microsoft

Happy Youtubing!