Youtube is Not Working in Chrome Browser

Youtube is not working in Chrome

Chrome is one of the fastest browsers there is therefore one is bound to feel annoyed when and if the Youtube is not working in Chrome Browser or Youtube videos stop playing in Chrome Browser. Following are the steps which one can follow in order to seamlessly stream and watch millions of videos available on Youtube running on a chrome browser.

  1. The simplest thing that one can do is to update their chrome browsers since with time the videos are getting more and more high definition, therefore there might be a possibility that the both are not compatible. In order to overcome this glitch; keep the chrome up to date. For updating Chrome, you can first uninstall it and then again install it from internet explorer or if that is not possible, then you can click on settings from the Chrome menu and then click on ‘About Google Chrome’.
  2. Another thing that one can do in order to watch videos on Youtube is check the plug-ins like the modem connected to your personal computer and check the availability of the internet connection; plug it out and then again plug it in. That would help you deal with any kind of connectivity issues.

One should always keep the following fact in mind that videos require JavaScript in order to run. It is basically the browser that shows the plug-in of running the JavaScript or not.

  1. But if it doesn’t then you should go to “chrome” then “settings/content” into the address bar and then finally go to the JavaScript and select “Allow all sites to run JavaScript” and then click the “OK” button to update the settings.
  2. Delete all the possible “caches” and “cookies” in the browser and refresh it. This may or may not lead your computer to a restart which would initiate and execute your new settings.

You can also try the following steps to re-solve the issue of Youtube is not working:

  1. Give the following  command and  prompt run: ipconfig /flushdns 
  2. If you want the videos to work then delete all browsing history/cookies from Chrome, one never benefited from keeping any browsing history safe anyway.
  3. Try disabling ad-block and the likes of this program.

Enjoy your Youtubing experience unabated !

If you know any other steps, please let us know. We will include those steps in this article.