Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10


Keyboard shortcuts have been one thing that has been a support for all users from the time it came into existence. If you are in a hurry to finish your work or do whatever you are doing on your laptop, then more than anything you would need the keyboard shortcuts.

With the new features Windows 10 has introduced, it has also brought into view more new keyboard shortcuts for proper utilization of the features of windows 10. Here is the list and a sneak peek into the keyboard shortcuts that have been introduced.

• You can click on the windows logo key and press A simultaneously (win+A) and then you will be able to open the Action center.
Windows key and S would allow you to open Search.
• If you want to open Cortana (Window’s own personal assistant that is available on windows 8.1 and later versions) then you have to click on the windows key and C.


Windows key and Tab key if pressed simultaneously would open the task view.
• The Windows logo key + CTRL + D would add a virtual desktop in front of you.
• Now that you have successfully added the virtual desktop, you can switch between the virtual desktops created by you on the right by clicking the windows key + CTRL + the right arrow.
• The same feature can be done, but this time on the left by clicking the Windows key + CTRL + the left arrow.
Windows key + CTRL + F4 would close the virtual desktop you have been using till now.
Along with all the key shortcuts mentioned above, the shortcuts that were earlier used are also there. They include the functions of the function keys (named F keys on the keyboard) F2 renames a selected item, F3 searches for a file or folder etc. This way you can use the keyboard shortcuts for the ease of your work.


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