Smart phone gestures and tricks


In the age of smart phone it has become very important to know how these phones work. The smart phone gestures and tricks  remain more or less the same even though all the operating systems are different from each other. Here is a list of the few very similar gestures that almost all smart phones have and use.

– To begin with, the very first feature is that of Tapping. The tap gesture is one where we click only once on an item. It is useful when we need to open or launch an application or file whatever we want to.

– The next feature on the list is that of double tapping. Double tapping gesture is similar to the tapping gesture. In this, we need to quickly tap twice on an icon. The result of double tapping is going full zoom or zooming fully out of the page. Another gesture that is there for the same result, only giving a bit of manual effort is that of pinch and stretch. You have to just pinch the page with two fingers or stretch your fingers on the page to zoom in and zoom out, manually controlling the percentage of zoom.


Tap and hold is the next on the list. For this gesture we need to tap on an icon and leave the finger there. Once we leave the finger there it is seen that there is a sub menu that opens on the screen. The features of the icon tapped are shown there. Tap and hold is very similar to Right Click on the mouse.

Swiping and panning are the two gestures that follow up. You can swipe the screen to scroll through menus or pictures, the side you want to. Panning is done when you are in contact with the screen while you move it around. It also does the same job but at a controlled way, manually.


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