How to Root Android Phone or Device?


Got an Android Phone? Does your android phone having pre-installed applications which are useless to you? Don’t know how to increase space ? You wanna uninstall some useless pre-installed apps? Then all you need to do is root your android phone. If you are newbie and you are not aware about how to root android phone? then you are in right place. This article will help you out in getting root your android phone. Rooting Android Devices is not anymore rocket science. All you need to do is just go through this article and hope after reading this article you will be able to root your android phone.

Most important point about rooting android phone is you are going to void warranty. It means that your android phone will not be in warranty anymore or if anything goes wrong then you can take it to service center because you’re your phone will be not in warranty after root. So, be care-full while doing root. In my advice, I will suggest you to root it after completion of warranty period like I have done.

Second most important point is that there is a bit of chance of getting brick. Here brick means your phone might go dead. There is no chance of getting life back. So before rooting your android phone or installing the custom roms. Please study quite well. Do some research work on google before installing any kind of custom roms or rooting.

Note: We will not be responsible if any kind of damage happen to your phone or brick. You will be sole responsible if your android phone get brick or damage.

I have Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro and I have rooted my X10 mini pro. In the onetime only my phone was rooted successfully. So, if I can do it in the first time only then why can’t you. All you have to do is follow the below points. These are the points which I have followed and now I am sharing it with you.

1) Please update latest firmware and Android Operating System from the authorized service center

2) Download the below Software. By using the below software, you can root your android device in just 1 click. Believe me in just 1 click because I have also used it.

3) Go to Settings in your phone, then tap on Applications, then tap on Development and enable USB Debugging.

How to Root Android Phone 1
How to Root Android Phone 2
How to Root Android Phone 4

4) Now connect your android phone with pc or laptop via data cable. It will ask you for usb connect or charge phone. You have to select charge your phone option.

5) Now open Super One Click Software. At the top left you can see Root Option. Click on Root button.

-Would you like to run a test? Yes
-A su command will now be… Yes
-Would you like to donate? That is entirely up to you.

6) Now Reboot or Restart your Android Phone. That’s its now you phone is root.

Now you can uninstall unnecessary Android Applications from your Android Phone or you can install android applications according to yourself or your choice. Like I have done, now I have install more than 45 Android apps in my Android Phone.

Now the question raises How To verify the rooted Android Phone?

In your Android Phone you will see installed Super User Android Application. If you can’t see then your phone is not rooted. No problem. Follow these steps again.


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