Google Wallet – Now make payment using it

Google Wallet
Google has announced its new service Google Wallet. Google Wallet is the service where you can pay your bills. It is an application which will installed in your phone and help you to pay your bills. You don’t need to carry your credit cards, cash, debit cards etc.

Google have already tie up with Citibank, MasterCard, First data and Sprint.

This application can be find on Nexus S4G Phones by Google available at Sprint. It is and Andriod Application which can be installed in any andriod phones. Google Wallet will help you to pay, save your time by using google wallet. It is in testing mode and going to released soon.

You don’t need to enter a PIN NUMBER which you use to do while making the payments. Just all you need to do is take special care of your phone.

This service uses NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION (NFC), which is known for short range wireless communication system. It will allow users to pay for all those things which you buy from the retail stores, restaurant bills, electricity bills, mobile bills many more.

Google have already tie up with Citigroup and MasterCard for this service. Google Payments already working as midiater for making payments with wireless carriers.


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