Hide and Restore updates in Windows


Hide and Restore are two options that are mostly used and needed for any professional. It so happens while we are using our device that we have to hide certain updates that come up in front to keep them from disturbing our flow of work. Here are listed how do we hide and restore any kind of update in windows.

To begin with, swipe or turn your cursor towards the right end of your desktop or laptop screen and click on Search. The search icon is by default the first option that is given in that list, amongst the other options that are given.

Once you have clicked on the icon, you will have a search box which would be ready to type, there key in the words “Hide or unhide updates” and click on the very same line when the option comes on the screen.

After doing that, you can click on the link that would suggest you that important updates are available or click on the link that suggests you that optional updates are available, depending on the update that you want to hide and then tap on hide update.


The process to restore the update is very easy like the process to hide the update. For restoring the update, you have to first go to Control Panel and then search for system and security. Once you are there, click on windows update.

After you click on windows update, tap on the option that says “Restore hidden updates”. Clicking that, you will get a list of options giving the updates that are there to update. Click on the tab that specifies the update you want to install and then tap on restore.

It is important to know that Microsoft windows will automatically check for updates whenever it is connected to the internet and prompt you, as the user to install the update that you have just restored along with any kind of new update that would be available at that point.


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