Cortana for windows – what and how?


Cortana has been introduced into Microsoft Windows (phones and laptop or desktops) or any other windows device as a personal assistant in their latest versions. It is very similar to the most popular personal assistant on any apple device, called Siri. Cortana can do everything that a personal assistant is needed for.

It can help you find things that are inside your device, it can manage the calendar and mark up the events. All this can be done with simple voice commands; you do not have to type any of it in your device for Cortana to understand.

Cortana also takes its place as the go-to person you need when you have to track packages, find files or even when you are bored and need someone to chat. No, I am not kidding, you can start by saying “Hey Cortana” and you will be surprised by how precisely Cortana replies.

Questions pertaining to “How old are you?” “Tell me a joke?” “Re-schedule my event time” are a few questions which Cortana answers like a pro. As an addition, you can also ask her to set a reminder. All you have to do is say “Remind me to do so and so” and your reminder will be set.


You can also make calls with the help of your new personal assistant. Personalize your whole usage with Cortana by using the settings that come with it and you would feel as if you are talking and working with a real personal assistant. If you do not have it in your device, you can update the device OS to get it.

Cortana has come up from the version Microsoft Windows 8.1 and above. Currently, Windows 10 has the best features that it can provide to any one and is being constantly upgraded. It has a feature called “Notebook” which would make you use the different features in the easiest way possible. The best part about it is that, even after switching Cortana off won’t let any details between you and Cortana be deleted.


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