Windows 8 OS tips and tricks for effective use


When it comes to laptops and desktops, the operating system that is the most used has to be the windows OS. Windows 8 OS is one of the recently launched windows operating system. It is proved that to serve their customers better Windows OS keeps on updating their OS. .

Windows 8 OS came as a breath of fresh air to the people who have been using windows 7 for a long time. The main difference of Windows 8 OS that separates it from the others is the very fresh approach that the makers have taken. The home screen of the Operating system has changed to give place to new icons and tiles as they term it.


The best part of all these changes is that it makes Windows 8 a very user friendly operating system. A very easy to personalize one too so here are a few tricks to personalize the home screen. It is possible that on the home screen since you have too many applications, you aren’t able to view them at once. To do that, you can zoom in the home screen. To do that all you got to do is press the CTRL key and use the mouse touchpad to zoom in the functions.

You can also make folders, keep the files in the folders and categorize them by renaming them. To do that, first zoom in tight. Then drag all the tiles (files) to the end of your start screen to a place that is free of any other applications. You will see that the applications themselves form a group.

Right click on the newly formed group or drag down on it and you will get an option that would ask you to name the group you have created. Name it according to your wish, group as many applications as you wish and you have your own personalized home screen ready for your windows 8 OS.


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