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About is a Daily Technology related website. We mainly focuses on the Tech New, Tech Press Releases, WordPress, Blogger, Gadgets or Gizmos niche and its related aspects. If we talk about the user’s – most of visitors coming from USA, India, UK etc. So it would be an honor for use to have a Guest Articles on our board. Bloggers, Editor’s, Guest Articles and Content Writer post their guest articles and get various benefits. Even if you are not a professional blogger, editor or content writer just start up to write an article on any topic. We accept guest articles on any topics as mentioned below.

How to write an articles

  1. Select an appropriate topic from the below list whichever is your favorite topic.
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  6. Content related 2-3 images with proper resolution, we will do necessary changes as per our requirements.
  7. Please don’t provide irrelevant links for SEO purpose and affiliate links.

Idea on Articles

  • Latest Tech News
  • Press Release (Only Tech Related, Please contact here)
  • iPhone (Specifications, Review, Tips and Tricks)
  • Android Phones (Specifications, Review, Tips and Tricks)
  • Tablets (Specifications, Review, Tips and Tricks)
  • Laptops (Specifications, Review, Tips and Tricks)
  • Netbook (Specifications, Review, Tips and Tricks)
  • Camera (Specifications, Review, Tips and Tricks)
  • How to (Any technology)
  • Technology related topics etc.

Posting Rules & Guidelines Must Follow

  1. We are not going edit or modify your content in any case; it can either be approved or rejected by our editor’s. We will communicate to you accordingly. In some cases if modification and editing needed that would take place.
  2. Content of the post must be original, and should not be reproduced anywhere else, even in your own blog/site before and after it is published in
  3. Plagiarism will not be accepted at any cost.
  4. Grammatical error, usage of unprofessional language and irresponsible comments shall lead to rejection of the post.
  5. The posts must be first heard and not published elsewhere and must contain at least 500 words.
  6. Kindly avoid copyright infringement and come up with your own brilliant, creative and innovative ideas. Reward's to Author's will reward all it’s author and Writer’s in following ways.

  1. Author’s name will be displayed with their own content. To maintain the content  authority on their Name.
  2. Author’s will be Paid on per Article basis, which is $3 per article. Minimum Payout will be $20 for everyone. Payout Methods is PayPal or Wire Transfer (Only for Indian Contributor’s)

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