What is Winrar and How to use Winrar for Windows


Most all user’s heard about Winrar and most of the newbie are unaware about What is Winrar and How to use winrar for Windows? Winrar is Prolab’s Product, it is Winrar is a world famous production utility tool for windows user’s.

What is Winrar?

Winrar software is use to compress the file or reduce the size of the folder or file. If you are facing the problem of the size of the files or folder while sharing with your friends and families or over network. Then it’s time to use Winrar software. Winrar software help you to compress the files and folders to reduce the size.

Winrar software will compress the folder or file with the following extension .rar. It is another type of zip software.

What are Winrar Features?

1) Winrar Software is easy to install and use. Winrar having easy GUI feature.
2) Winrar GUI mode is user friendly.
3) Winrar can use for various purpose. Although you will need to know that which file can be use with winrar. All the files or folder who have the extensions of .rar, .zip, , .cab, .arj, .lzh, .ace, .tar, .gzip, .uue, .iso, .bzip2, .z and .7zip many more.
4) Winrar software is the best software for file sharing over internet.
5) Winrar Software utilizes less memory allocation in processor and less hard space.
6) Winrar Software is the best software to compress the file and folders like multimedia file, text files, videos, songs, private documents.
7) Winrar Software also having the feature of privacy. You can create the password for your winrar file. This will create completely private.

Installation of Winrar in Windows

1) You can downlaod Winrar software from the following website Winrar Official Website.

2) After downloading the winrar software double Click on winrar.exe. Now select the location where you want to install the winrar.

3) After selecting the location, click on install. For example see the screenshot below.
4) Now you will see all the extension where winrar can be use. Select all the extensions. For example see the screenshot below.


5) After completion of installation you will see the below picture. If you are seeing the same below screenshot on your system. Then you winrar software it install correctly.Winrar-2

Want to install winrar software for your system then click here for winrar official website.Winrar Software is completely free for use and downloading. There are no hidden charges.


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