Webcam is Not Working on Laptop How to resolve the issue?

Webcam is not working on laptop

Know what is wrong with your laptop or the webcam is not working on laptop. There might be several reasons; follow the tips to fix the issue of web camera is not working on laptop!

If your inbuilt laptop webcam is not working then following can be the reasons and their corresponding fixes.

  • If the problem occurs in a HP laptop then the most likely reason for that error is a device driver problem. If you webcam is not working then try downloading the latest device driver and install it in your laptop. Although it could very well be a hardware problem but only if the webcam is physically broken otherwise it is usually just the device configuration or a device driver problem.
  • For the Windows vista/XP users check whether you are properly connected to the internet. It is important that you know the model number of your laptop. Next, connect to the Manufacturer website to find the latest updates for your laptop. Let say: If you are using HP Laptop then visit HP website by going on this ( link.
  • Now select your laptop model and then the “software and drivers download”. Select your operating system (in this case Microsoft windows, caution: sometimes the software are merged in the Youcam software so you must look for the driver for your respective webcam) and the necessary driver, follow the given instructions to download and you are good to go!

And if the above steps do not seem to work then:

  • Go to the control panel. Click onto the Device manager. Then go to “webcam” (HP Webcam), under the icon of the “imaging devices” and check for a yellow mark.  If it is there then it might again be a device driver problem and then you may;
  • Open  the “Driver tab”
    • Uninstall the driver by removing the “driver and driver package”
    • Restart when you are prompted to do so
    • When the machine is turned on, let the windows install the webcam and your camera should be running smoothly.
  • If the yellow mark isn’t there then make sure that your device isn’t disabled.
  • Make sure that your antivirus is not blocking your inbuilt camera. Scan for any viruses and malware that could have hijacked your computer.
  • If none of the above works, though this should in no circumstances be considered as the last resort because it is just a matter of coincidence that I happen to mention this in the end, then try checking the “video conferencing program” that is accessing your webcam!

Try manually re-detecting the software by doing the following:

  1. Disconnect all external devices .Shut down the notebook.
  2. Remove the battery and AC power.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Re-install the battery and AC power and turn on the laptop
  5. Once Windows is loaded go back to Device Manager.
  6. Select “Action” and then “Scan for hardware changes.”  If Device Manager detects the hardware then allow it to install.

Webcams can be really hard to manage and therefore I hope that the above would be enough to let you use it again easily!