Uninstall a WordPress plugin – how to?

Uninstall a WordPress plugin

Plugins is a very important part of any WordPress blog site or website. And just as important is uninstalling a WordPress plugin according to the changes and updates. But there are many users who don’t know the exact and proper process to do that, here are a few tips and tricks on how to do that.

To begin with, there are many users who are confused when it comes how to uninstall a WordPress plugin and deactivating them. You have to first know what you want to do. You can deactivate a plug in and later reactivate it when you need it.

But once you uninstall a WordPress plugin then you would have to again re-install it to use it. The pro of uninstalling a plugin instead of deactivating it that uninstalling keeps the database clean from all the junk data that plug in are often known to leave behind.


It is a cake walk. For that, you need to first go to the admin dashboard of your WordPress blog site or web site.


There, you will get a page that says Plugins.


You need to click on that and there you will see a list of all the currently installed plugins that are there on your site. All the plugins that are active would be highlighted with a blue background colour and every plug in would have a link below that would deactivate them.


The other entire plugins (or rather the inactive plugins) would also have links below them but they would be for activate, edit, settings or delete. To uninstalling them, all you need to do is click on the delete link below.


The site would then ask for a confirmation from your end to make sure that you really want to delete that plugin or it was a by mistake gesture. You can then click on the button that says “yes, delete these files” and then your plugin would be uninstalled safely.


All you need to do is follow all the above steps to uninstall the wordpress plugin. It is the safest way to delete.


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