Linking on WordPress – How to?


Linking on WordPress something that is very important when you sit for reading an article. Why? Because links help in reaching the destination faster. It helps in reducing the time that is taken to first go to a search engine, then searching for the needed page, clicking on it and then reading. But how do we add a link on our WordPress website or blog site?

There are many ways to do that. But the easiest way is by using the Visual editor tool. First, visit the dashboard and then go to posts. Click on Add new or edit an already existing page. Now, when you have to create a link, first highlight or select the word that you want to hyperlink.

Then, click on the symbol of link. If you are unsure which exact icon is that of linking then hover your mouse over all the icons and you will see the link button just beside the indent icon. Once you click on that icon, your screen would be showing you a pop-up window.

There, add the text you want to link and what you want to link to. Click on “Open link in a new tab” if you want the link to open in a new tab once it is clicked and then to confirm the changes you have made, click on add link. Your post would show a highlighted and underlined line that would mean that you have successfully hyperlinked the sentence.

You can also do this if you are using the text editor (just beside the visual editor). There, the same process is to be followed but instead of an icon you will find that there’s “link” written there. Click on that and you will get the same pop-up box and follow the same instructions then. Your sentence will be linked.


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