How to verify Technorati Claim Code for Blogger or Blog


This article is about How to verify technorati claim code for blogger or blog

Hi Friends, If you new to blog and you want to get your blog to get index faster in various major search engines. Then all you have to do is submit your blog to Technorati. Technorati is basically blog search engine which search all the blog on the internet.

If you are keen interested to know about “How to submit blog to Technorati” then you are in right place. Here you learn how to blog to All you need to do is just below these below steps :

1) Go to the website click on Sign Up option.

2) Now verify the link which you have received in inbox of your email.

3) Now Login in your account. Update your profile, Bio and uplaod a photo.

4) Now Enter the url link of your blog and click on “Claim this blog“. Write the description of the blog, tag (Keywords) and click on “Next Step” Buttton.

5) Now you will again receive new mail from technorati which contains the “Technorati Claim Code” for your blog. Technorati Claim Code would be like this “WN3646EC9PB4“.

6) Now write any article on your blog and add or paste that claim code which you have received in your email inbox. Like this WN3646EC9PB4

7) Save and publish that aricle and make it live on your blog.

8) Now copy the url of that article (Which contain the Claim Code) and paste it in Technorati Feed url.

9) Now wait for approx. 5 mins. and you will receive the mail about successfully claimed of your blog.


  1. Hi Tanya,

    Start from step 4 go to your email box which you have given in There you will see a blog code Check Step – 5.

    For my blog it is WN3646EC9PB4 something like will be for your blog as well. Copy that code and now write a new article on your blog along with this code. Samething which I have done on this article.

    If still you are facing any problem. Please post your comment here.


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