How To use Microsoft Windows 8 Shortcut Keys?


How To use Microsoft Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

You were using shortcut keys in previous versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. All these versions were having same shortcut keys. Now recently Microsoft have launched new operating system Windows 8 and it also includes shortcut keys as well. But in Windows 8 you are going to find new shortcut keys. Windows 8 shortcut keys might create some problem while using them because Windows 8 having new shortcut which were never used in previous versions of Windows OS.

Windows 8 Keyboard Shorcut Keys
Windows 8 Keyboard Shorcut Keys

This article will teach you how to use new Windows 8 Shortcuts keys. If you find some shortcut keys are missing in this article. Please post your comment with shortcut key and we will include it in this article.

New Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

Windows key  Shows Metro Start Screen. Simply type the application name
eg. like windows 7 sart menu.
Win + D Shows Old desktop of Windows.
Win + C Shows the Charms menu.
Here you can find, share and make necessary changes in settings.
Win + I Shows the Settings panel, here you can make necessary changes in settings for
current application,
increasing or decreasing the volume,
wireless networks settings, shut down or adjust the brightness of the monitor.
Win + Z Shows the Application Bar for current Metro application.
Win + H Shows the Metro Share panel.
Here you can share it with yoru friends and families.
Win + Q Shows the Metro Application Search screen.
Here you can find application or anything else.
Win + W Shows the Metro Settings search screen.
Here you can make the necessary changes for metro search.
Win + F Shows the Metro File search screen.
Here you can find the files or folders of your system.
Win + K Shows the Devices panel.
Her you can add new devices like printer, fax machine, projector many more.
Win + ,  (comma) See Aero Peek at the desktop.
Win + .  (period) Take the snaps for the Metro application to the right side of the screen.
Win + Shift + . (period)   Takes the snaps for current Metro application to the left side of the screen.
Win + J switches focus between snapped Metro applications.
Win + Page Up / Down This moves the current application from one monitor to another.
Win + Tab Shows metro application switcher which switches the applications.


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