How to unlock iPhone, iPad, iPod is disabled connect to itunes

iPhone iPod iPad is disabled connect to itunes

If you had forgotten iPhone, iPad, iPod Passcode and message display that “iPhone is disabled try connect iTunes” or “iPad is disabled try connect iTunes” or “iPod is disabled try connect iTunes“. Then follow below steps to unlock or enable your device. It happens because of entering wrong passcode for more than 6 times in a row, your device will be lockout and you will see the message.

iphone ipad ipod is disabled

There are 3 Steps to follow and unlock your device.

1) If you had sync your device with itunes, unlock iPhone, iPad, iPod using itunes
2) If your device is sync with iCloud, unlock iPhone, iPad, iPod using iCloud
3) If your device is not sync or not connected with icloud, unlock iPhone, iPad, iPod using recovery mode

Unlock iPhone, iPad, iPod using iTunes

If you had backup of your iPhone, iPad, iPod device using itunes then you can use backup option to restore your iphone, ipad, ipod and unlock your device.

iphone ipad ipod unlock or enable using itunes

1) Connect your iPhone device with your computer (desktop or laptop) which you had synced earlier
2) Click on iTunes and Passcode message with prompt, now enter your passcode to unlock it.
3) Now wait till the backup process is not completed. Then click on restore.

Unlock iPhone using iCloud

If you ever setup Find my iPhone on your device using icloud. Then you can use this feature to unlock your device and restore.
1) Go to
2) Now enter your apple userid and password
3) Now Click on all devices on your browser window, to view all your devices.
4) Now select the device which you want to erase.
5) Now click on ERASE option to erase your device and passcode.
6) Now use the feature of restore from your backup list or create new device.

Note: Your device must connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular Network, to erase your device using above steps. Else you can’t erase or remove from the list.

Unlock iPhone using Recovery Mode

If you had never ever sync your iphone, ipad, ipod device with your itunes or never use find my iphone using icloud, then there is only option left is “Recovery Mode”. These steps will remove your passcode along with erase all the data from your device.

iphone ipad ipod unlock or enable using recovery mode

1) First of all, connect your device with your desktop or laptop and open itunes. OR you can go to nearest Apple Retail Store or Authorized Service Provider for the same.
2) Now you had force restart your device by: Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake and Home Button at the similar time. Hold until you see the recovery mode don’t bother about apple logo.
3) Now you will see on itunes to update or restore your device. Please refer below screen-shot
4) iTunes will download updated iOS for your device and install it. Now your device is unlock.