How to get Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office 2002?


How to use Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office 2002. How to download free font of Indian Rupee Symbol (`)

Indian Government have announced Indian currency, Rupee’s new ironic symbol . Just like Dollar Symbol ($) and Euro Symbol (€). Rupee Symbol (`) is basically the combination of roman script and devanagri. Indian Rupee Symbol signifies the ambition and strength of the country India.

Now the main problem occurs that How to use Indian Rupee Symbol in computer. This article will help you to learn how to get indian rupee in Microsoft Office 2002. Just all you have to do is follow the simple below steps.

1) To use Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office 2002. You will need the font of Indian Rupee Symbol. This font is made by Foradian, all the credit goes to foradian to make it possible. First, of all you have to download the font file from the given below url.

Indian Rupee Symbol Font by Foradian

2) Now double click the downloaded file to install it. On the top left you can see the Install buton. Just click on it to get installation start.

3) Now open the Microsoft Office 2002 and change the font to Rupee. If you are unable to find then try the find it just above the ROD FONT.

4) After selecting the font. Try to write Indian Rupee Symbol by tapping on GRAVE Symbol on Keyboard `
You can find it just above TAB button of keyboard. Or just type 0060 + TAB+X you will get the Indian Rupee Symbol.

That’s it in this way you can use Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office 2002.


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