How to find Windows Error Codes meaning in Windows?

How to find Windows Error Codes meaning

How to find Windows Error Codes meaning? What is Windows Error Codes?

Most of the time it happens that you see the error prompt on your system. This error prompt is developed by windows operating system and normally user is not bother to find the meaning of that windows error code. These errors are in hex codes. Every error code of windows have different meaning. You try to find out its meaning on google search engine and still you don’t find the actual reason of that error code. In this article you will learn the how to find Windows error codes meaning. Just follow these below steps to find the meaning of windows error codes.

1) You will need the official Microsoft error code software which is available on It is completely free to download and there are no charges to download or to activate it. You can download is from the below link.
Windows Error Lookup tool

2) Install the windows error lookup tool software in you system.

3) Now open the software by double click on its icon and type the error code which you have found on error prompt.

4) Click the Error MSG(Message) Button to find the meaning of error code.

Windows Error Lookup tool
Windows Error Lookup tool


5) Here you will see the error code message with its meaning. In this way you cantry to resolve the issue in your system.



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