How to Change Keyword Input Languages via Charm in Windows 8

How to Change Keyboard languages

If you read or write multiple languages and you are aware how to type multiple language via keyboard. Then this article is going to help you a lot. By the way there are various methods to change the languages in Windows 8. But some of them are really faster which you are going to like. This tutorial will help you to learn and cover all of those fastest and shortcut method to change the languages. In this way you will have the choice to choose the best method from all of them.

First Method: Change the Keyboard input languages by using the Charm in Windows 8

First go to the charm in Windows 8 and click on Settings.

How to Change Keyword Input Languages via Charm

At the very bottom of the charm in windows 8 you will find keyboard option click on it or tap on it.

Now here you will see the first 3 characters of the language. This is the default language of Windows 8. Now click on it or tap on it.

How to Change Keyword Input Languages via Charm

Here you will find the list of languages. Select the appropriate language for your keyboard input language. If any of the language is not visible. Then it means that it is not installed in the language settings. Then you should read this How to Install and Uninstall Keyboard Input Languages in Windows 8.

That’s it now you can change keyboard input language just by pressing shortcut keys on the keyboard. Below are the alternate methods as well to change keyboard languages.

Second Method: Change Keyboard Input Languages via Taskbar in Windows 8
Third Method: Change Keyboard Language via Keyboard Shortcut

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