How to Back date or schedule your WordPress posts ?


Back date or schedule is one feature that is very important in websites or blog sites. Be it any kind of post, you never know when you have the need to back date a post. But the main problem is not many platforms give the facility of back-dating your post, WordPress allows you to do that.

First, visit your dashboard and write the post that you want to post. Then, on the post editor screen go to the box that asks you to publish a particular post. There, you will find a tab that says- “publish immediately”.

Just beside that, there is an option that asks you to edit. Click on that. After you click on the edit Meta link, you will get the option of date and time. You can now fill in the date and time of your post.

You can either back date or schedule your post for a future day. This would make sure that once either back dated or scheduled, your post would appear in your timeline as a post from that month of that year not at your current schedule.


It is possible that you cannot find your post once you have back dated it. But do not worry. Go to the page where you get the other posts of that time and there is the perfect place where you will get the post you have back dated.

Not only it is possible to back date or schedule your post to a future date, it is also possible for you to remove the date entirely but that is a system that is not encouraged because that affects the SEO ratings of the website. You can also choose to show the users the last updated date of your post when they visit a website but that is completely your choice.


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