HDMI port is not working in laptop or HDTV

HDMI Port is not working in Laptop or HDTV

This article contains the tips and tricks if HDMI port is not working in laptop or HDMI port is not working in HDTV. Then you can follow steps to resolve the issue of HDMI port is not working.

When you connect it from your laptop to your HDTV then all you have to do is;
Right click on the desktop < click “Personalize”<click “Display”< then “connect to a projector” (you should be easily able to see this on the left) or “other external display” < now select “Display connected” (display should be set to “Duplicate”)

And you are done! This should enable you to see stuff on the screen and remove that annoying “No signal” flashing in front of you.

  • Another tip for HDMI Port is not working that you can follow in order to enable your port is by typing in the correct “Bios” of both the devices which the HDMI cable connects say, for instance, your TV and your laptop, the Bios will help recognize the HDMI cable and enable the same. This, so that you do not get confused, is known as the “HDMI handshake” in the technical jargon.
  • The problem may be as simple as loose HDMI cables plugged into the port. This also obstructs a devices ability to recognize the other one connected to it. You might want to check this before getting into any complicated trouble-shooting advices. In order to keep your cables intact you can possibly use self locking HDMI cables.
  • You can also try changing the “turning -on sequence” of your devices meaning if your laptop is connected to a TV set and if you usually switch the TV on first then you might want to reverse the sequence and then check if your port is working or not. If it still doesn’t seem to work then with both the devices in the switched on mode , try plugging in the cable into another input on your TV or whichever other device that is connected with your laptop!
  • Try checking the video resolution on your extra device connected to the laptop. You might want to change the resolution settings of your laptop to “Auto” so that it automatically aligns itself with the resolution of that, say your TV. This should enable you to see things in a better way on your external device.
  • If your HDMI device (in this case your laptop) is connected through a number of devices to another one then you might want to give a chance to the process of elimination. Try eliminating if your laptop say, is connected to your home theater receiver and then your TV, then connect the cable directly from your source device to the TV and this should do the necessary for you.
  • Another reason why HDMI port is not working properly could be because of the discord between an HDMI enables device or a DVI enabled device. Now, this can be either your source HDMI device or the external device that is connected to the source, the important thing to take away from this is HDMI to DVI connection requires a different sort of cable. In order to resolve this issue, therefore you can use a conversion cable or an HDMI cable with an added feature of DVI. One other thing to point out is that where HDMI can pass both video and audio signals, DVI connections can only pass “video signals”. This means if you are successful connecting an HDMI source component to a DVI equipped TV, you still have to make a separate connection to access audio.

NOTE: Normally, there is not a problem while converting HDMI to DVI, but there is a possibility that there might just be. For instance, you’ll find that 3D and 4K signals are not compatible. With standard 480p, 720p, or 1080p resolution video signals, most of the time there is success, but you may have the experience where some adapters and conversion cables don’t work as advertised. If you encounter this problem, it may not necessarily be the TV or other component. You may have to try a couple of different brands of adapters or cables.

One may also try booting the laptop when connected with another device, for example one’s TV, when it’s it switched on or if that doesn’t seem to work then once when it is switched off!

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