Facebook Reactions- what, why, how?


Facebook reactions are the latest thing that the makers have launched in the Android and iOS mobile applications of facebook. They are nothing but simple reactions that we use to describe what we are feeling.

These reactions have come up along with the like button of facebook. In this way, you can easily give your reactions in things that you would just have liked earlier. These reactions have come up and would take a day at least to go to every user.

The major part of the users of facebook have been demanding the ‘dislike’ button for a long time now and so the makers have decided to bring into view facebook reactions so that the users can express themselves better.

Currently, there are only very selected numbers of reactions that are given. The reactions include- love, wow, angry, ha-ha and sad. You can use these reactions to show how you feel about a certain post. Every reaction has a different emoticon to go with it.


If you are confused on how to use these facebook reactions, then here is a guide on how to. If you are using a mobile application then you can press the like button ever so lightly and you will see a pop-up of all the reactions that are available with the like option. Clicking the reaction would assure you that you have ‘reacted’ to that post.

If you aren’t on either an android application platform or an iOS platform, then you can use the facilities of facebook reactions on your laptop, tablet or desktop. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the like button and then you will be able to see the various options available to use.

Clicking on that emotion would ensure that you have ‘reacted’. You can also check who reacted what to a certain post as there are different statistics showing how many reactions a certain emotion got. So, happy reactions!


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