Adding a new post on WordPress – How to?


Adding a new post on WordPress is something that goes without saying if you want to grow your blog site or website. Even though adding a new post might seem like a cake walk to some, but it might be very overwhelming for the users who are using WordPress for the first time. Here are a few tips and tricks that would help you breeze through the process of adding a new post.

First, you have to know that there are a few features of the whole editor-

– Post title is a part where you write what title you want to give to the post.

– Edit URL or Permalink is a place where you can edit the URL that would lead to your website (keeping the domain name intact).

– Add media is a tab which helps in uploading the images and media to the post. It can be any kind of image, of any size and any kind of media too.


– The Visual and Text editors are next on the list. They are a very important part of this whole thing. You can choose to use the Visual editor to have a very simplified and user friendly version of WordPress whereas the text editor focuses more on the technical aspects of the whole thing.

– Then you would find the Word count where WordPress keeps a tab on the count of words that are written in the document and the auto save status which would tell you when the draft is saved in the WordPress draft box.

After everything when you are about to publish the post that you have added, there are many features which you can choose from. You can save the post as a draft, for later use or changes. You can schedule to post the post for a later date. The visibility of the post can be controlled and changed at any point. You can also password protect your whole post. All this and more makes adding a new post on WordPress easy.


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