USB Port is not working on Laptop or Desktop

USB Port is Not Working on Laptop or Desktop

Is your USB port is causing troubles again in detecting or USB Port is not working on laptop or desktop. There might be a reason of driver then stops reading the...

Top Tips for Successful Local SEO for Small Business

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How to Change Keyboard languages

How to Change Keyboard languages via Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 8

This is the third and fastest and easiest method to change the keyboard input language by using keyboard shortcut in Windows 8. It means that you change the keyboard languages by...

Mistakes one should avoid in Website Design for Better Traffic

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HDMI Port is not working in Laptop or HDTV

HDMI port is not working in laptop or HDTV

This article contains the tips and tricks if HDMI port is not working in laptop or HDMI port is not working in HDTV. Then you can follow steps to resolve the issue...

How to get Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office?

How to get Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office? How to download free font of Indian Rupee Symbol Indian Government have announced Indian currency, Rupee's new ironic symbol . Just like Dollar...
How to download and play pokemon go complete guide

How to Download and Play Pokemon Go in India ? Complete Guide

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Webcam is not working on laptop

Webcam is Not Working on Laptop How to resolve the issue?

Know what is wrong with your laptop or the webcam is not working on laptop. There might be several reasons; follow the tips to fix the issue of web camera is...

Save your battery- the right way

“Save your battery” if this is the first thought that comes in your mind when you are going out somewhere where you won’t have your charger along with you then here...
how to stop facebook from accessing your whatsapp contacts

How to stop Facebook from accessing your Whatsapp contacts info?

So, You Can Stop WhasApp to Share Your Info At Facebook. Recent whatsApp update is trying to access your whats contact info and provide the friend suggestions list according. This article...