ZUS – car charging and Car Finder problems solved


The winner of the red dot design award 2016, ZUS is the ultimate car charger available in the market currently. It is suitable to charge an apple device and an android device at once with double the speed that normal car chargers give. Along with charging the phones, ZUS also has the feature of finding the car in the middle of so many parked in the parking lot.

The main features of the device are-

Elegant Shine Lighting– One of the most beautiful features, look wise, of this device is that it is equipped with elegant shine lighting because of which it lights up beautifully during the dark. The top of the line lighting also gives access for the driver to have an increased visibility during travelling in the dark.


Smart car finder– Along with having beautiful look wise features, it also has wonderful in application features. You can find your car through the device. Basically what happens is, ZUS stays in the car and it saves your car’s location when you park a car. Now when you have to find your car amongst the many then all you have to do is open the already synchronized application on your mobile phone and then you will be guided back to your car with ease.

Bluetooth and warranty– The device, ZUS works on low energy Bluetooth and thus it doesn’t take much of the energy of the car and still it has an incredible speed with which it works and charges. ZUS also comes with a 12 month warranty.


Quality and speed– ZUS comes with a German Bayer material and is designed in Germany which makes the users sure of the authenticity. The titanium coating and ZUS cooling system ensures that there is no heating issues with the device. It also meets the US Military grade standard which allows temperature upto 100 degrees. ZUS also gives a 2x charging speed where you can charge 2 phones with double the speed as other chargers.

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