Specifications: Nintendo Wii U Basic Set Gaming Console


Nintendo Wii U Basic Set Gaming Console

After the huge success of Wii. Nintendo is back with Wii U gaming Console. Wii U is going to change the way of gaming. Wii U is the first gaming console from Nintendo which is going to supported with High Definition Graphics, Video output up to 1080p, 2 GB of RAM with half RAM is dedicated to console’s OS. Nintendo Release Wii U on November 18, 2012.

Nintendo launched two models of Wii U
1) Wii U Basic Set
2) Wii U Deluxe Set

Wii U Basic Set
Wii U Basic Set

Wii U Basic Set Specifications, Features, Accessories

Wii U Dimension
Wii U Size  Approx. 1.8 inches high, 6.75 inches wide and 10.6 inches long
Wii U Weight  3.5 pounds (1.6 kg)
Wii U Memory
Wii U Internal memory  8GB internal flash memory
Wii U External Memory  Support for external USB hard drives for additional storage
Wii U Software platform and user interface
Wii U CPU (Control Processing Unit)  IBM Power®-based multi-core processor
Wii U GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)  AMD Radeon™-based High Definition GPU
Wii U Colors  Black and White
Wii U Features
Wii U GamePad  Yes
Wii Games on Wii U  Yes, it supports Wii games
Wii U Games  Yes
Play Downloadable Games on Wii U  Yes, it supports to play downloadable games
Wii Accessories on Wii U  Yes, Wii U supports Wii Accessories
Internet Browsering on Wii U  Yes, Wii U supports Internet Browsing
Video Chat on Wii U  Yes, can you use Wii U for Video Chat
Video Output on Wii U  Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i.
 Compatible cables include HDMI™, Wii Component Video, Wii S-Video Stereo AV and Wii AV.
Audio Output on Wii U  Uses six-channel PCM linear output via HDMI connector, or analog output via the AV Multi Out connector.
Wii U Built-in Software
Wii U Built-in Software  – Nintendo TVii
 – Wii U Chat
 – Miiverse
 – Internet Browser
 – Mii Maker
 – Nintendo eShop
 – Wii Menu
In the Wii U Box
In the Wii U Box  – White Wii U Console
 – White Wii U GamePad
 – Wii U GamePad Stylus
 – Sensor Bar
 – Wii U Console AC Adapter
 – Wii U GamePad AC Adapter
 – HDMI® Cable

Wii U Basic Set Price

As per the Nintendo Official Website Wii U Basic Set Price is $299.99


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