MI fitness band – know the features


MI fitness band is for the people who are very concerned about their fitness. Now when we go out for our jogging or gym, we tend to forget our mobile phones in our homes and at times we tend to miss our calls. It is also possible that we tend to lose track of how much time we have spent doing our regular workout. MI fitness band helps you keep the best of both worlds.

This fitness band is the best when it comes to calculating the number of steps that you have taken today. Worn as a watch, you can also synchronize this with your Xiaomi smart phones. This would also make you not miss any kind of call that you get on your device.

Drop and water resistant, the fitness band also gives you a feature called the smart vibration alarm which would wake you up gradually in time with what you have fixed and then would also remind you that you have to go and have a walk or a jog around the park.

Download an accompaniment application on your smart phone where you can set your default options. There you can also analyse your fitness regime and see the range of improvements that are being made by you on a regular basis. A detailed routine and assessment is what makes the MI fitness band better than the other similar bands available in the market.xiaomi-mi-band-3

Now, when you are using the MI band then you can also use it to unlock your smart phone. You wouldn’t need any kind of pass codes or passwords to unlock it. Just a swipe will be all you would need.

Aluminium alloy sensor and a hypo allergic silicone band are the features that make up the fitness band feature wise. Look wise, it is such a chic band that it won’t look like you are wearing such an intricate design. You choose your colors and enjoy the facilities of the band that also extends to a 30 days battery life once it is fully charged. Make the most of it.


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