Lenovo’s Flexible Display Wrist Phone and Foldable Tablet

Lenovo Flexible Display

On 9th June, Lenovo had organized a Tech World Event. People were expecting it as a launch event of a new phone, tablet or any other device, but this event was going to reveal something really amazing and innovative. In that event Lenovo had launched two of its futuristic devices, The Flexible Display Wrist Phone and Foldable Tablet. This company has amazed everyone by displaying a glimpse of what it is going to launch in upcoming years. Of-course, the development work of these devices is in progress and Lenovo claims to start the production soon.

Foldable Display is not the issue

According to Lenovo, foldable display is not the main problem. Issues related to other components are difficult to deal with. Conceptual devices, which Lenovo had introduced, comprised several hinges to bend the wrist phone. Other parts of both devices had no hinges because those were non-foldable. Some experts may say that foldable Smartphone with too many hinges will be quite weighty in comparison to regular devices, but Lenovo denies such claims and state that foldable device will be quite light in weight and fully functional.

Lenovo Flexible Devices 2

Another innovative device introduced by Lenovo is 8” foldable tab. It has grabbed attention of every guest because it is foldable, easy to hold and the users can operate it same as they use other tabs. The best thing about this tab is that you will be able to fold and reduce its size, whenever you won’t use it. Lenovo will introduce the tab with plastic covered display. In the first view, it will look like a plastic screen guard that will stretch and fold without leaving any folding mark. You would either use it as a tab or turn it into a thick phone after folding. That’s what new you will get in Lenovo’s conceptual tab.

Size and other specifications of Lenovo’s futuristic devices:

Peter Hortensius, Lenovo’s CTO articulated that bandy Smartphone will be launched in two different sizes. The buyers would be able to buy a small size’s wearable device or large size’s bendy device. It will use Android platform and offer 4.26” bendable display to operate the functions. Lenovo will launch this phone in 12 different colors and thus the buyers will get enough choices in upcoming wearable Smartphone.

Lenovo is planning to launch both devices within five years:

For now, Lenovo’s engineers have a long path to cover and the company claims that soon their developers will find the way to make both devices user-friendly and real. There are some more electronic product manufacturing companies working on foldable displays. Samsung and LG are the leading firms, but Lenovo may find the best way to utilize the foldable display. Lenovo’s plan is utilizing the available resources and the advanced technology to turn its conceptual devices into real devices.

It may take five years, but the users will get what Lenovo has shown. You can expect both devices with some more innovative features, so wait for the product launch and get ready to buy it.