iHere – keeps your valuables safe


iHere is the most feasible and interesting way to keep your items safe and that way, you would never lose sight of them. How is it possible? I will tell you how. What is the one thing that you keep losing or forgetting where you have kept it? The keys! Or probably your car in the parking lot, iHere is here and now you can forget things with ease.

There are a few very interesting features of the small fit in the palm device and they are mentioned below-

Take Selfies– Can you believe it? I couldn’t, till the time I used the device myself. And trust me on this, taking a Selfie has never been so hasselfree and easy. All you have to do is first synchronize your phone with the device and download the application that comes with iHere. Now, adjust the application in order to take Selfies. Finally, open your front camera and angle yourself the way you want to. You are done! Start clicking. Once you start using it you will feel as if this device and your phone were made for each other.

iHere 30 Gen2 Key Finder Phone Finder Car Finder Selfie Remote and Voice Recording rechargeable bluetooth tracker for iPhone 4S 5 6 6S iPad Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 Note4 and-more

Find your lost valuables– The best part of this device is that you can add the device with any valuable thing you have and then all you have to do is open the application you downloaded to synchronize this device on your phone and then click on “find”. This way, the device would keep on beeping till the time you find the valuable and turn it off manually. That makes searching for a valuable easy. Using iHere Gadget you can Find your iPhone, Find your Car, Find your Keys

Charging has never been so easy– Yes! Even though it has a battery that controls the device, that doesn’t mean you will have to buy extra costly batteries to replace once the battery given with the device is not working. All you have to do is plug it in the USB charger that comes with it and within just a few minutes your device will be charged perfectly for re-use.


All this and more in this new device called iHere solves all your issues at once. Priced at $19.99 it couldn’t have been a better bargain. Shop Now to get the best item locator in the world!

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