WordPress Backup Plugin – What and who?


WordPress backup plugin is a very important feature of any blog site or website. Since WordPress is a self-owned site that is why it fears hacking anytime and is also a quick to hack platform. That is exactly why you should always keep a backup ready of all the data that you have. Not only because of hacking, what happens in case you accidentally delete your blog site or website up?

Vault Press – that is the most widely used backup plug in for a WordPress website. This plug in is a subscription based service that gives to the users different kinds of plans and pricings. The beginning range of its service starts at $5 per month. The setting up of the plug in is also not a big deal; neither is getting the backup from it. Even on the offer by Vault Press you get security scans.

Backup Buddy – this website is the most popular of all the WordPress backup plugins available. You know why is this the most popular one? Because of the fact that this is a free feature and you don’t need to pay anything for getting the features given by them. Through this plug in, you get the best of both worlds- updates and premium features of the other websites.


Code Guard – This website has one big feature, and the feature is that this is a cloud based backup service. Along with it, this is also an automated service. The plug in allows the users to create complete backups of the WordPress website or blog site you have and restore them anytime you want and all this in the cloud and not needing any kind of extra space on your laptop or device.

My WP Backup – This Plugin has best feature to backup the WordPress Website on Cloud servers like Google Drive, Email, Amazon S3, DropBox, Save it your local system many more. My WP Backup is the best and easiest way to protect your data and website in the event of adverse server events, data corruption, hacking and more.

With the help of these above mentioned backup plugins and many more (free and with subscription), you can keep the backup of your WordPress website or blog site easily and without any worry.


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