Popup plugin for WordPress – details

Popup plugin for wordpress

Popup plugin for WordPress is used along with lead generation tools to allow your WordPress blog site or website to give the visitors ample space for subscription to the site. Or else you never know if the visitor comes back to the site or not. Here is a list of a few most popular pop up plug in for WordPress amongst the varied available.

The top most spot goes to OptinMonster hands down. You cannot argue with the fact that OptinMonster is one of the best and top rated pop up plug in available in the market for WordPress. The speed of this plug in is 2.18 secs for the page load time and that makes it stand in the first on the speed list.

Bloom, the second on the list falls by 3.03 secs page load time. The page size, if compared is more than OptinMonster but lesser than ThriveLeads and thus Bloom is also a very popular choice amongst WordPress users.

The ThriveLeads pop up plug-ins is the third in the list. Having a page size of 754.4KB, the highest page size and page load timer of 3.89 secs, this plug-in is widely used and appreciated by the masses these days. If compared, OptinMonster is the most users compatible and easy to use as compared to Bloom and ThriveLeads because it gives the lesser page load time and requests.

pop up2

This plugins are fully loaded with premium features and you will be able to do a lot with these plugin and your website or blog site once you have them with you. Making pop up plug in a must have in your WordPress website or blog site.

For me, the OptinMonster plugin and ThriveLeads plugin are better than Blooms because they give a lot of more features and that is an important factor while choosing any kind of plug in for the website.


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