Photo Gallery plugins for WordPress


A photo gallery plugins is a must have for any kind of WordPress website or blog site. Be it for any use but photo gallery is always there. But there are so many photo gallery plug-ins available in the market that it becomes very tough and confusing for the users. So are a few photo gallery plug-ins that are currently the top in the race.

The top most spot goes to Envira Gallery hands down. There is no second thought on the fact that Envira is one of THE best photo gallery plug-ins available in the market for WordPress. The speed of this plug in is 1.08 secs for the page load time and that makes it stand at the top most priority.

Foo Gallery, the second on the list falls close by 1.89 secs page load time. The page size, if compared is lesser than Envira gallery and thus Foo gallery is also a very popular choice amongst WordPress users.


The NextGEN photo gallery plug-ins is the third in the list. Having a page size of 518KB and page load timer of 1.88 secs, this plug-in is widely used and appreciated by the masses these days. If compared, Envira gallery is the most user compatible and easy to use as compared to Foo gallery and NextGEN.

Not that they are not easy to use but they are a tad bit complex for the layman who can do awesome with Envira gallery. This plug-ins are fully loaded with premium features and you will be able to do a lot with these plug-in and your website or blog site once you have them with you.

The only con that makes Envira Gallery and Foo gallery better than NextGEN is the fact that NextGEN does not support the import or export of files whereas, the other two supports it and that is why they are usually chosen above NextGEN.


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