More tab in WordPress- use tab properly


The more tab is one tab in WordPress that ensures that there is a summary of the article you have written on the homepage along with a link that says “read more”. But it is possible for people not usually understanding the usage of the tab. For them, here are a few ways of using the tab in a proper way to make the most out of it.

To begin with, you have to first write a new post. Or you can start with editing an older post too. After that, you have to click on a line where you would want the article to show and following which you would want to place your read more link.

Once you have done that, go to the toolbar of the edit box and click on the “more tag” button. You will then see that there is a new line that has come up in your editing space and it will be dashed and titled More.

If you are not comfortable with the toolbar and its usages then you can also do it with the text editor and manually entering a code. Simply go to the place where you would want to place the more tab and then type – <!—more> your job will be done.


There is a reason why many people prefer the more tab rather than excerpts and that is because excerpts are totally theme dependent. They feature in some themes whereas refuse to work in a few other themes but since the more tab is manual dependent and works like the usage of Bold and Italics in writing, that is why it is more feasible.

On one hand where there are so many pros of having the more tab, the biggest pro that weighs in this case turns out to be the biggest con. Since it is a manual only process, which is why it is not preferred by many people. Choice is yours.


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