How to Backup WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin?

backup your data on wordpress

Every beginner Blogger or WordPress webmaster or developer wants to keep the backup wordpress database of their website for future safety. Taking backup is good practice before making any changes in wordpress database. So that in case of any execution of wrong sql command can destroy your database and it will impact your website and all the users. Always use common practice for backup wordpress database using phpMyAdmin because it is easiest and simplest way to take the backup of wordpress database.

There are various WordPress backup plugins which are going to help in backup your wordpress website as well as database. Some of them are free and paid plugins. These plugins will also help you take the backup on cloud. One of the best plugin is My WP Backup it contains all the best feature which every webmaster or administrator wants for their site.

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You can keep this backup file with you on your desktop, laptop or online storage. So that you can use it whenever you want. In this article you will learn how to backup wordpress database using phpmyadmin, all you have to do is follow below steps

1. Login to Cpanel of your web hosting.

2. Click on phpMyAdmin in Databases section.


3. Now select the database from the left column, database must be the same which is connected with your website.


4. Now click on Export from Top Menu.


5. Now select Custom option, using this option you can select all tables of database or any of the table from the list. We would recommend you to select all the tables, so that you can use this backup in worst scenario.


6. Now name the backup file or use the default one.


7. Select the format of the backup, always use SQL format of your backup. So that you can restore it very easily.


8. Don’t make any changes in any of the options and click on GO button.


Now your backup is ready to download and if you want to your backup in compress format then you can use .ZIP format


Dont forget to Take Backup

using above steps

before making any changes

You can use it whenever you want to use. So, always take the backup of wordpress database for the safety purpose of your website and your hard-work in developing the website or blog.

Note: Above mentioned steps for backup wordpress database does not contain any of images, but all your posts, pages and comments are backup.


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