Delete the blog- WordPress


‘Delete the blog’ be true. How many times have you thought of doing so? But you have had no idea how to do it. The reasons can be many. From a shift in the blogging platform to the fact that you do not want to continue blogging. Be it any reasons, below you get to know how to delete your WordPress blog.

For deleting your WordPress blog site or website, the first thing that has to b e there in your mind is the fact that you have to backup all your data. Data is basically what you have on your blog site. Creating a backup of all those data helps if and when you change your mind later on having the blog then you will have all your data saved in one.

For having a backup ready, go to the edit section of your WordPress site. There, go to tools and then to the export section. This section would give you the option of choosing what you want to export. You can choose between all content, posts, pages and feedback and whatever you select would be saved to your laptop or desktop for future backups.


Next, you have to delete your site. Just below the ‘import’ option in the dashboard, you will find an option that says “delete site”. A simple click on the option would leave you asking for a reason as to why you are choosing to delete a site.

There, click on the option saying another reason and then you will get a pop up notification box that would ask you if you have exported your data or not. Following which you have to click on delete now. A confirmation mail would be sent to you and then you need to click on it to verify the deletion.


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