Contact form Plugins for WordPress


Contact form is one very crucial part of a WordPress website or blog site. No matter how much you keep your template personalized, it cannot be complete without a contact form. For adding one, different contact form plugins is available. Here are a few mentioned along with their pros and cons.

The most popular of them all is Gravity forms. The only con of this plug in is that it is a paid one. Apart from that, it is the most widely used and the most popular contact form plug in that you can ever come across. Why? Because of it’s easy to use interface and the fact that it has everything under one roof.

Ninja Forms is the second most popular contact form plug-ins available. This plug in is a Freemium one. Freemium roughly translates to free application with premium features. This creates a highly interactive form that doesn’t need any kind of effort for the users that is complex. An extremely user interactive and easy interface acts as the cherry on the top.


The next on the list is formidable pro. This plug in is not one of the most popular one but is the run to be in the list. This lets you create beautiful and interactive forms for the users and viewers of the site and this one also comes with premium features and doesn’t need any kind of supporting plug in to give it the feel.

Apart from the above mentioned contact form plug-ins there are many different of them available like contact form 7; fast secure contact form etc which have their own features and specialities. Some are old while some are comparatively new in the market but are in the run in to become a part of the top 3 plug-in.


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