Backup your data on WordPress

backup your data on wordpress

Backup your data on WordPress whenever you post something. The fear of losing all the data that we have uploaded on our blog site or websites is a fear that stays with us whenever we upload something. So it is always advised to us that we should backup the data.

But the major confusion lies when we have no idea where and how to backup the data that is uploaded. There are third party plugin that help us backup our data but the originality and security that these plugin would give to us and our websites are something that has always been a matter of a debate.

You can follow various method to Backup Your data on wordpress like Backup WordPress Database using MySQL Command or Backup WordPress Database using MyPHPAdmin

After a thorough research and usage it is found out that Backup Buddy is a plugin that works wonders whenever you think of backing up your data. To begin with, you need to purchase the plugin. Yes, it is a paid plugin and so you need to purchase the plugin to use it on your WordPress website or blog site.

Next, download the plugin on your device. Finally, you need to install and activate it for it to work properly for your website or blog site. Once it is activated, type down your purchase license for getting automatic updates to the latest versions of the plugin.


After having done all of it, visit your dashboard. Click on the Backup Buddy option and then click on Stash Live. There, you need to fill in the details they ask for and then save the settings. The button at the end would help you save every change you make and start the backup.

The plugin would also show you the progress of the backup that is happening on your device and the amount of time would depend on the amount of data you have saved in your website. Once it is done, your data would be backed up and you would not need to worry about losing it.


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