Top 5 Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own


It is a known fact that social media is the next big thing because most of the billionaires are made out of social media businesses.

This profoundly means that the digital presence of your business is really important as well as its outlook because it leaves a deep and proper impact on the users and bitcoin mixer viewers over the vast space of the internet.

The font style adds more attractiveness to the text in which the content is represented over the sites and usually most of the people could not decide which font to choose for their site content.

Well, there is no need to fret about it now because we have the perfect solution to this problem.

Top 5 Fonts 

Graphic Designer

Gotham Font is one of the widely trending and mostly used fonts by many developers all over the world. It is one of the best choices of font styles on all the platforms on the internet.

In this article, we will provide you with amazing and useful information about the top five trending and best of the list fonts which every graphic designer should own as it can help him in various manners and are frequently used in many types of projects.

We will provide you with all the useful and researched information about all the aspects of the top five most trending fonts in the market which every graphic designer should own.

So, without taking much of your precious time we will jump straight into in-depth information gathered on the 5 Fonts Every Graphic Designer working in the market Should Own as they are really useful and unique.



Helvetica is one of the best and most widely used font styles across the globe and there is no web designer who does not use Helvetica as a common font.

It is the basic form of web representative fonts and every developer and graphic designer all over the world use it.

People have a little contradiction about this font as some people might have a perception that it is too tightly packed font style but most probably it is the most used web and graphics development & designing font style.

F37 Bella:

F37 Bella

The F37 Bella is widely acknowledged and most used font style which is training in the social media as it is an award-winning font in the peoples choice.

It consists of a wide range of font style variations which increases its importance and making this font a must-have Font Every Graphic Designer Should Own and make use of it.

It is basically created through an idea of classical French Didot style but added a contemporary geometrical twist to it to make it more impact producing fonts on the users.



It is the most commonly used web font all along the internet and most of the graphic designers must possess this font style as it is acceptable all over the world.

It is the original typeface font style which provides a wide range of variety for the graphic designers. San Serif is one of those writing fonts which make the words in the content clearer for the users and the viewers to read.

It simply helps the content generated by the graphic designer to be visually vivid and more interesting to read.



It is one of those types of font styles which provides an authoritative figure to the graphic designers so that they can create amazing and more impact producing content with proper legitimacy in the context.

It usually provides a retro style of writing which is often used to create eye-catch content for the business to gather more users.

This amazing style of writing also symbolizes the existence of a representation of marriage law and societal influence in the font styles.



It is considered as the rising and most trending font style in the market and it is one of those forms which every graphic designer should possess because of its reusability and mesmerizing outlook.

It consists of 60 different kinds of alterations which makes it one of the most diverse font style which a graphic designer should own.

It is considered best for all kinds of use as it is more likely to be used in both web applications and for corporate use accurately and provides proper efficiency.


Graphics designing is not an easy task to perform because the precise detail is needed in every project they create though graphic designing tools.

Using an accurate writing style can also enhance the beauty of the graphics and creates a lasting impact on the viewers.

As there are hundreds of fonts to choose from but some of them are really essential for all the graphic designers to know about because they are used in most of the task they perform professionally.

Five fonts which are instructed above are the five essential fonts which could be really beneficial for the graphic designers all over the world as it can help them in every project they perform.

So here are some of the most trending and the top five fonts which are compulsory for all the graphic designers working all over the world to possess in order to provide the best services to its user’s.

I am definite that you will love this article to the depths of your heart because of all the researched and authentic information provided in it related to the five Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own because they are used everywhere easily.

I hope that all the researched and informative content provided in this article will help you in clearing all the doubts present in your mind related to the top five Fonts Every Graphic Designer Should Own but if there is still anything left unclear even after reading this article then feel free to ask us anything you need to know about the top 5 Fonts papertyper Every Graphic Designer Should Own.

We will be highly obliged to provide you with all the information you need to resolve your queries and answer your problems. So stay tuned with us for further assistance and we wish you a happy learning process.


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