Set up an email with Google Apps


You need to set up an email with Google apps whenever you think of doing anything on the internet related to your work. It is so because most of the things that happen on the internet are connected to Google and without an email address you are able to do nothing. But for many people it is very confusing on how to setup a professional email address with Google Apps and Gmail.

To begin with, a professional email address is basically the one that has your business name in it. For that you need to pay for your domain name or else an email with free email services would make your customers or clients take you for granted and will not make them take you seriously.

Now that you have a website ready and a domain name for your name, you need to sign up for a Google Apps for Work account. There, with a nominal amount of money per month or on an annual basis, you can even get a 2 months free trial usage.

Apart from that, it also gives its users a 30 day free trial where you can get a test drive done on the features of it. All you need to do is visit the website of Google Apps for Work and then click on the Get Started button. It would ask you to fill your details on a form, following which click next.


Keep on following the instructions and then you see a pop up notification that would inform you that you have completed the steps needed to open an account. Then, to add users to the account you need to click start beside the “Add people” button.

Now, visit your WordPress and login to the admin area of the website. There, install and activate header and footer plugin. Add it and paste the Meta tag line copied from Google apps setup screen there. Follow the instructions, create the MX entries and finally you will get an option asking you to verify the domain. After doing so, your work is done.


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