Saving Image in WordPress Guide – Steps to Save Images Optimized For Web


Saving image in wordpress is an important step. It will help you to speed up and optimization of it.


But often the question is how to do that? When you are using an image, are you doing it in the right way? Most of the time beginners fail to save the image properly. That affects the speed of the website. Take a look of the article to know more about the saving images in wordpress that are optimized by web.

It is true that to keep a blog attractive and to make get more audience and traffic. However, no many experts suggest to use the optimized images for the wordpress. Using these images has huge impact on the speed of the website.

How to save image properly?

There are two things that you need to keep in mind mind while saving the images,
• Image file format
• Compression

Generally people work on two image formats mostly, JPEG and PNG.
PNG files are not compressed high quality images that are transparent. The file size is bigger than other image formats.

On the other hand JPEG is the format that is used for more colourful pictures. It is compressed and the image quality is not as better as PNG as it lets you save the smaller size of an image.
The next important thing is compression which means using a tool to save image optimized for web.
See the following list to know more about it.


Now as you know about the difference between each compression, use these following tools to save optimized image for your website.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular software as it comes with the save option for optimized image. You just need to open the image, click on File> Save for Web and Device Button.
Once it opens the save screen you will find different image formats on you right. Select JPEG and you will find quality option as well. Select your option and you will find the image size at the bottom right.


This app uses smart compression technique and helps to reduce the size of PNG files. You need t go to their website and upload the image. They will compress and provide the link to use.
If you are a developer it has an API to convert images automatically.

Use these tools and save optimized images for your wordpress. It is extremely helpful for any website to increase their speed.


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