Rich snippets in WordPress


Rich snippets in any WordPress website or blog site for the links helps to gather more audience and attract them towards the link displayed when they come across it on the search engine. It also helps the owners of the site to communicate with the search engines. For it is said that any kind of structured data is always helpful for search engines to see different types of content on the site.

It is very fascinating to see how several WordPress plugin help to make it very easy to add rich snippets in the website. To do that, you need to first install and then activate rich snippets plugin. There are many in the market, but the best in the lot is the All in One Rich Snippets one.

Once you have activated it, visit the dashboard area of your website and then click on the menu titled “Rich Snippets” present in the sidebar. You will notice that there are many options on the list that comes up when you click on that menu. Whenever you click on any content type, you will see the fields that will be available whenever a user is writing a post.snippets

To make this work, either create a new post or edit an already existing one. There, you will see a new Meta box that will be labelled “Configure Rich Snippet”. On the drop down menu you would be able to select the content type. Then you will get a pop up box asking for more options.

Fill it up according to your wish and finally save the post to store the data that you have entered. You can also test the application that you have just used by visiting Google’s structured Data testing tool. There, you can paste your mark-up in the tool box or fetch the URL link. A click on the validate button will test it for you.


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