Pay with a tweet – what and how?


Pay with a tweet is a very innovative method used by various sites that asks you to tweet about the product they are about to buy and then lets you get the freebee. The steps to follow if you want to add a pay with a tweet facility on your site is mentioned below.

To begin with, you need to first download the Pay with a Tweet plugin. Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin, you need to go to the dashboard of your WordPress website or blog site. There you will see a new option that would say “Pay with a Tweet” click on that.


Now, go to configuration. There you will notice that for using the plugin you would need a twitter application. There you would also be asked to type in your consumer key and the secret key. You can create your twitter application from the steps mentioned-

• Visit the twitter developer’s website.

• Sign in with your username and password that you use for your twitter.

• Click on the account name and go to My applications.

• Click on “Create new app” after that.

• In the application form, write the name of your website and then click on the “create your twitter application” button.

Your application would be created. Then you need to click on the permissions tab in the dashboard when it redirects there. Change the permission to the by default read only to read and write. Update the settings and you will get the consumer key and consumer secret keys by clicking on the Test OAuth button. Your job is done.


You can now upload the files that are to be downloaded after the users tweet the necessary. Go to the pay with a tweet button on your dashboard and then click on upload files. You can click on the pay with a tweet tab and then on new payment button to display what image or text would be shown to the users. Copy paste it to the page and your pay with a tweet function is ready.


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