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Facebook as a savior for the blog

There is no doubt of the fact that facebook has been the top most place where we can increase the consumption of what our website or blog site has to offer....

Navigation Menu in blogging sites

Navigation menu is one very important part of any website or blog site. It helps in giving the site structure for the users. It also acts as a quick way for...

User roles and permissions for bloggers

User roles and permissions are something that is very important when you have a blog or website that you want to run effectively. This also ensures that you have a specialized...

Background images for the blogging website

Background images are one thing that always catches the attention of everybody whenever someone visits one blog or website. WordPress and Blogger both supports background images and some already present themes...

More comments on the Blog- How to?

How to get more comments in the blog is the first and the foremost thing that is in any blogger’s mind. And why shouldn’t it be so? The more comments the...

WordPress updates and it’s necessity

WordPress is a blogging or website making site, in layman term and the WordPress updates given by the website from time to time is as much important as the website in...
How to add tweet button on blogger

How to Add tweet button on Blogger

First you should make a full backup of the existing model (later you can return if you make a mistake in the code). To do this go to Layout> Edit HTML...

How to create Facebook Fan Page

Unless you lived under a rock for a few years, then you have to do everything on Facebook, and the answer to the question "How Facebook is a very popular social...

How to setup Google Plus profile

How to setup Google Plus profile   In this article we will guide you how to setup Google Plus Profile. First of all you have to set up Google Profile. Google+ will work...