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Beginner Guide contains all the articles related to blogger guide, Wordpress guide, blogspot guide and many more.

Blogger account – the perks of having one

A blogger account is one thing that every person wishes to own. Be it for their own personal blogs or for commercial use. But for the laymen, what exactly is a...

WordPress Backup Plugin – What and who?

WordPress backup plugin is a very important feature of any blog site or website. Since WordPress is a self-owned site that is why it fears hacking anytime and is also a...

WordPress vs Blogger- a comparison

WordPress vs Blogger is that even a comparison? But to think of it, that is the biggest comparison. People who are new to the blogging world and even for people who...

Blogger features and facilities

Blogger is one of the topmost blogging platforms in today’s world. But there are many people who are just beginners in this world. To them, here are a few mention worthy...

Adding a new post on WordPress – How to?

Adding a new post on WordPress is something that goes without saying if you want to grow your blog site or website. Even though adding a new post might seem like...

Linking on WordPress – How to?

Linking on WordPress something that is very important when you sit for reading an article. Why? Because links help in reaching the destination faster. It helps in reducing the time that...

How to make WordPress website to suit your needs ?

WordPress website, these days are the best way to advertise your works. It is also the first choice which is made when we have to open a blog for both our...

How to Back date or schedule your WordPress posts ?

Back date or schedule is one feature that is very important in websites or blog sites. Be it any kind of post, you never know when you have the need to...

Name addition or change in WordPress website- How to?

Name addition or changing, over the years can be a natural thing. But many might think that it is not possible to add a name or change a name once it...

Image theft in WordPress- prevent before it is too late!

Image theft, in the recent times has become one of the most infamous ways to steal in the internet. And blogs or websites of photographers have become the easy targets for...