Name addition or change in WordPress website- How to?


Name addition or changing, over the years can be a natural thing. But many might think that it is not possible to add a name or change a name once it is already on the website but the whole idea of that is wrong. Name addition or change is very much possible and here are a few ways mentioning how to do that.

The process, to be true, is very easy. All you have to do is go to the dashboard and the look for the option that says Profile. There, scroll down to the place where you find the tab saying “name”. In that tab you will find options that will allow you to change the first name, last name.

It also allows you to change the nickname and even alter the way the public sees your name. You can also add your contact number of e-mail ID if required. And these options are always changeable.


Once you have all your information ready, you can click on the button that says “update” and update all the settings you have made to the name addition or change on your WordPress website.

To confirm that all these changes have been made perfectly, you will see that your name appears in the top right corner of the toolbar of WordPress. Then, if you visit your website you will get to see that your Display name is given on your profile.

Along with your full name, nick name, display name, contact details and e-mail ID, you can also change and update your bio on the site. This would make sure that any person, who visits the website, knows about you as much as they benefit from your website. You can use interesting and catchy phrases to attract users to the website.


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