Image theft in WordPress- prevent before it is too late!


Image theft, in the recent times has become one of the most infamous ways to steal in the internet. And blogs or websites of photographers have become the easy targets for the people who are stealing them. There are different ways to prevent image theft from your WordPress blog or website.

The very first and the easiest way to prevent image theft from your blog or website are by using watermark. Watermark acts like a very transparent copyright and it is not possible to remove that from an image if somebody wants to re-use it without permission.

For adding watermark to your images you need to use Envira Gallery. Purchase the silver license of it and use the add-on provided by them that says “Watermarking”. All you got to do is installing and activate the plug-in.

Once it is activated, you will have to go to Envira Gallery and then go to settings. In the add-on tab, you’ll find the Watermarking add-on. Or if this looks too complicated, then you can use the easy watermark plug-in. All you got to do is just install and activate the plug-in and your job is done.


The second easiest way to stop image theft in your WordPress blog or website is by de-activating the right click button. With the right click button coming into notice, anybody and click on the picture and then save the picture to their gallery. So, if you deactivate the very right click button system then an average user won’t be able to download the picture and steal them.

To do it, you can download a free plug-in called WP content copy protection. It will disable the right click function on the WordPress website or blog site. Apart from that, adding copyright notices are a nice way to not let the viewers steal the pictures from your website or blog site.


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